2022 Annual Reports

Org Chart Twister

At the January 31 Annual Meeting, we distributed an organization chart identified Vestry committees, the chairs, and the heads of ministries and subcommittees. Minutes later, we conducted elections, and some of the names have changed. […]


Unsung Heroes

Who’s your unsung hero? Which person at St. Paul’s has shown God’s love, power, and compassion to you by their own love, care, sacrifice, thoughtfulness, or kindness? This Sunday at the Annual Meeting, we’ll open […]

2022 Annual Reports

Liturgy & Music

Choir Choral services with the full choir were conducted from January 9 thru June 5th. A special annual gift from Anne Vogel honoring our Director of Liturgy and Music provided funding for 4 choral scholars […]

2022 Annual Reports

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is alive and well, faithfully and carefully preparing for Holy Eucharist at every Sunday service. Our challenge this year was to add serving wine each Sunday beginning Advent 1 — something we […]

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2022 Annual Reports

Acolytes 2022

Generally speaking, an acolyte ministers to the celebrant and the Congregation — merely as what’s expected. However, this year we expanded by resuming duties that had been streamlined due to Covid austerity. Processions returned, as […]

2022 Annual Reports

Common Ground

Common Ground started in 2008, and St Paul’s joined that year thanks to Jim Gramentine’s leadership.  Our parish has been a strong supporter of this organization’s work in Milwaukee and the communities surrounding us. Last […]

2022 Annual Reports

Parish Life Committee

St Paul’s Parish Life Committee has reformed and begun stirring waters again. Since being officially regrouped with new chairs, Nicole Hanlon & Michael Nelson, the Parish Life Committee has assisted with three events spearheaded by different individuals […]

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2022 Annual Reports

Adult Forum

This year in Adult Forum has been exciting and life-affirming. Programming has included topics such as the historical context for the Passion narratives, the life and times of Thomas More, the arguments surrounding abortion, and […]

2022 Annual Reports

Education for Ministry

In May, we completed the 2021-2022 term, celebrating Kathie Buescher’s graduation from the program. Our current term almost began with just under the minimum number of participants in August. But within a few weeks of […]

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2022 Annual Reports

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee held its first meeting in September, 2022. The purpose of this committee is to oversee and make decisions regarding internal and external communication strategy, including the technical equipment, digital, media and print presence, and […]

2022 Annual Reports

Finance Committee

The responsibilities of the Finance Committee are managing the assets of the parish, preparing the annual budget for review and approval by the Vestry, providing current financial information for the Vestry and coordinating the annual […]

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2022 Annual Reports

Personnel Committee

Under Father Lane’s leadership, we were finally able to resurrect the Personnel Committee, which had not met for several years.  Our major accomplishment for 2022 was the refinement and development of the job positions and […]

2022 Annual Reports

Office Administrator

I started working as the part-time Parish Office administrator at St. Paul’s in August of 2022; I had been working as the part-time Parish Office administrator at our neighbor, All Saints’ Cathedral, since June of […]


And the nominees are …

The St. Paul’s Nominating Committee announces the following nominations to be voted on at the Sunday, January 29 Annual Meeting. Nominations for Vestry  Senior Warden: Junior Warden:  Vestry Member:  Because the Vestry nomination process took […]

2022 Annual Reports


2022 brought a whole lotta’ changes, many of them thanks to our industrious transition Rector, Lane. One is a new phone system that I hope is helping you communicate better with the finance office. St. […]

2021 Annual Reports

Treasurer’s Report

Click here to download the treasurer’s report, and optionally print it. Note: We’ll be displaying an on-screen image of the numbers during the presentation of the Treasurer’s report, so it’s not necessary to print this […]