Unsung Heroes

Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Who’s your unsung hero? Which person at St. Paul’s has shown God’s love, power, and compassion to you by their own love, care, sacrifice, thoughtfulness, or kindness?

This Sunday at the Annual Meeting, we’ll open the floor and invite everyone to come to the microphone and briefly share their story of seeing God in another person at St. Paul’s. Maybe this person helped you when you were overtaxed. Encouraged you when you were down. Complemented you when you doubted yourself. Were generous when you were at the breaking point.

These don’t need to be detailed stories, and the key word is brief. The action doesn’t need to be dramatic: A word here, a consideration there, and bit by bit, we are changed. Together, these stories will paint a picture of God’s never-failing compassion and goodness to all us through the community of St. Paul’s. Your quick story will make someone’s day, and light the way for others.

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