St. Paul’s Episcopal Church is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee. Our diocese is part of the Episcopal Church, which in turn is a member of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Governing laws within the Church are called Canons.

At the congregational level, we are governed by our Bylaws, most recently revised in 2016. As is the case with all congregations of the Episcopal Church, our Bylaws “accede” (submit) to the authority of our bishop, and to the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Milwaukee, and those of the Episcopal Church. The Constitution and Canons of each diocese of the Episcopal Church also accede to the authority of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church. The Anglican Communion is a voluntary and mutual recognition of the Anglican tradition and full communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury, but each of its member Churches (including the Episcopal Church) participates as an equal: The Anglican does not govern its member Churches.

You can read more about governance structures in the Diocese of Milwaukee and in the Episcopal Church.

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