New Sheriff in Town

Matt Pamperin

Chris Krueger announced at the 184th Annual Meeting last Sunday that she and fellow co-chair Pat Ruttum are turning over the Thrift Shop keys to Matt Pamperin. Krueger and Ruttum took the reins from former chair Marybeth Haubrich and led through the most serious threat to the Thrift Shop in its history: COVID-19. Though the shop has not yet re-opened for regular business, Krueger and Ruttum have sponsored multiple special outdoor events, and have kept the parish’s oldest and best-known community outreach going. Pamperin takes over at a challenging time: The Thrift Shop has seen a decline in volunteerism and changing market in which few church thrift stores have remained open. A solid core of volunteers have stepped up to keep thing going. Profits from the operation of the store are used to aid other ministries that directly benefit struggling neighbors.

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