Sr. Warden’s Vestry Report for June 2022

This Vestry Report includes updates from the May

This Vestry Report report includes updates from the May

17th and June 21st meetings.

The May meeting included a review of the updated Vestry

committee organizational chart. Membership on committees has been updated following outreach to current committee members to assess their interest in continuing to serve on specific committees.

Outreach was also made to potential new members to invite them to serve on committees. Final tweaks are being made to the chart. We are grateful to all who serve on or will serve on these committees which include: Liturgy and Worship, Adult Formation, Outreach, Hospitality/Diversity, Finance, Planned Giving, Property, Nominating and Personnel.

A major focus this spring for the Vestry and staff has been on operations and property issues. In May and June, the Vestry approved expenditures to install a new network system to provide consistent access to the internet throughout most of the building. We are nearing completion of the installation. In addition, very soon a new and much improved phone system will be installed in the church. These are major tech steps for us and many thanks go to Lane for his dedication and expertise in making these improvements happen.

Many thanks to Paul Haubrich for managing several building issues throughout this period, which are identified in the following list of expenditures approved by the vestry:

  • Repair of bell tower parapet and metal facing – not to exceed $11,000 (5/17 mtg.)
  • Shingle repair on sanctuary roof – not to exceed $30,000 (5/17 mtg.)
  • Repairs to the Daycare classroom ceiling following its collapse – not to exceed $13,000 (5/17/mtg.)
  • Internet infrastructure project – not to exceed $12,300 (6/21 mtg.)

A special thanks to Paul for moving so quickly to get the classroom repair done and to St. Paul’s volunteers who participated in the clean-up, leading to a nice reduction in the final bill.  

At last Tuesday’s meeting the Vestry approved a one-time $1,000 reduction of the Daycare’s monthly rent in response to the challenges they faced following the ceiling collapse.

St. Paul’s continues to face the challenge of the air flow, heating and cooling of the building. We’ve had conversations with contractors on how best to address these issues.

St. Paul’s is blessed to have building maintenance and technology endowments to help cover these expenses, along with the annual budget lines for tech and building maintenance expenses.

As is evident from this report, addressing infrastructure issues has taken focus, time and energy this spring. Many of these items seem mundane but the Vestry is excited to move ahead on these essential fronts. We will all soon be cheering the arrival of state of internet access throughout the church and a new phone system. These improvements enhance productivity and are a gift to our future new rector who will arrive at a St. Paul’s with up-to-date tools that have not been in regular working order for recent rectors, and the current rector and parish staff. We are moving into the 21st Century!

At the end of the June 21 meeting the Vestry met with the Search Committee to discuss how to move forward during the transition period. We are excited about the prospect of entering into discussions with the All Saints’ Chapter (aka vestry) about resource sharing and other opportunities for collaboration.

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