Technology Fund Equips Ministry

Welcome to the next edition of “Endowment 101”. So far we have reviewed St. Paul’s Unrestricted, Undesignated Outreach Endowment Fund and three other funds that specifically support the physical existence and upkeep of our beloved structure.

The next fund on the list I would like to highlight is the “Technology Fund”. This fund was created about 10 years ago to assist in the financing of technological innovations deemed vital to missions of St. Paul’s. Back in the day it was desk phones, answering machines, typewriters, fax machines and bulky standalone computers. Today it’s high speed internet equipment, infrastructure, 5G technology, webcams and laptops. St. Pauls’ won’t need all of this fancy new stuff but I think you get my drift.  Most technology has the same shelf life as a banana so as I write this leaders in our church are working feverishly on updating most of St. Paul’s aged technology. Unfortunately it is time as the aged tech we use is making life much more difficult for many that we rely on.

Currently we appear to be in the eighth inning of this process and “all in” we are looking at approximately $12,300 in upgrades. Certainly not chump change.  This will indeed make a huge dent in the Technology Fund. Please make a note to yourself as these improvements are critical to St. Pauls’ but won’t necessarily be very noticeable as its “behind the scenes” improvements.

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