And the nominees are …

The St. Paul’s Nominating Committee announces the following nominations to be voted on at the Sunday, January 29 Annual Meeting.

Nominations for Vestry 

Senior Warden:

  • Bill Fry, one-year term, renewable for additional one-year term

Junior Warden: 

  • Kurt Bushman, one-year term, renewing for the second of two eligible terms

Vestry Member: 

  • Steve Filmanowicz, three-year term, renewable for additional three-year term
  • Dana Fritz, three-year term, renewing for the second of two eligible terms

Because the Vestry nomination process took longer than expected, this announcement is one week later than required in the bylaws. For that reason, we are extending the deadline for additional Vestry nominations one week. Additional nominations must be submitted to the chair by Sunday, January 22 at Nominations must self-submitted, or an assurance that the nominee will serve if elected must be submitted with the nomination.

Nominations for Vestry Diocesan Convention, October 2023


  • Tom Goode
  • Nicole Hanlon
  • Peter Larson
  • Calvin Sampson


  • Bill Fry
  • Sandra Halgerson
  • Michael Nelson
  • Todd Smith

Submitted by Lee Coppernoll, Sr. Warden and Nominating Committee Chair

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