Personnel Committee

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Under Father Lane’s leadership, we were finally able to resurrect the Personnel Committee, which had not met for several years.  Our major accomplishment for 2022 was the refinement and development of the job positions and job descriptions for key parish employees, mainly the positions of Parish Office Administrator, Parish Lead Sexton and Parish Assistant Sexton.  We have successfully completed this process and have hired two new employees in the roles of Office Administrator and Lead Sexton.  In the coming year, the committee hopes to begin the work of reviewing the St. Paul’s Employee Handbook and the process for timely, meaningful employee performance reviews.  We look forward strongly to supporting the new Rector in their leadership and development of the parish staff.  The Personnel Committee members consist of a very dedicated group with many years of experience and expertise in HR Management.  Members of the committee are: Mal Soward-Gatford, Julie Okoro, Flo Dukes and Pat Luebke.

Bill Fry, Outgoing Chair

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