Forward Scholars Update

FORWARD SCHOLARS was a huge success this last school year!  Students participating in tutoring grew an average of 3.3 levels in reading versus an expected 2 levels for a year of instruction.   Due to this success, […]


Floral Opportunity

A very generous parishioner has agreed to donate flowers for some upcoming summer services. Here is an opportunity for you also to beautify our worship space. Would you like to go to a farmer’s market, […]

2022 Annual Reports

Common Ground

Common Ground started in 2008, and St Paul’s joined that year thanks to Jim Gramentine’s leadership.  Our parish has been a strong supporter of this organization’s work in Milwaukee and the communities surrounding us. Last […]


Preparing the Way

St Paul’s elves were busy making the church gleam and sparkle.  A big thank you to Rand Schmidt, Steve Sanders, the Haubrichs, Suzanne Matenaer, Andrew Meechan and Pat Ruttum.