Forward Scholars: Information for New Potential Tutors

Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 1:30-2:30 pm
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Contact Dr. Carrie Streiff-Stuessy, Executive Director, with questions at

Why Volunteer with Forward Scholars?

  1. Make an impact. We are using a well-researched model that has proven successful in other large urban school districts and which produced incredible results last school year.
  2. You will be well-supported with training, individualized lesson plans and materials for every session, and a FS site coordinator (with early literacy expertise) present for every session to coach and support you and your student.
  3. Our students need you. Pandemic-induced learning loss and isolation has increased the need for 1:1
    intervention. The ability to read by the end of third grade is critical to a child’s success in school and life.
    What You Need to Know About Our Tutoring Program
    ● Uses research-based interventions to accelerate student growth in reading and a “growth mindset” approach to increase student self-efficacy
    ● Targets K – 3rd graders who are not yet meeting grade level expectations in reading and have good attendance
    ● Is an intergenerational approach which recognizes that many students benefit from one-on-one attention and learn best in the context of a relationship with a caring adult
    ● Tutoring takes place during the school day at the school in a “learning lab,” which is staffed by a Forward Scholars Site Coordinator (a highly-qualified literacy specialist)
    ● FS Site Coordinator will provide an individualized lesson plan and materials for each tutor-student pair for each session
    ● Tutors will receive training as well as ongoing support and coaching. Prior teaching or tutoring experience is helpful but NOT necessary.
    ● Tutoring will be twice a week for an hour each time (45 min tutoring + 15 min prep & notes) from
    mid-September through late May.
    ● There will be substitute tutors for pre-planned times when tutors are traveling/unavailable
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