Episcopal Wisconsin Trialogue

On Friday, June 30, the Steering Committee of the Episcopal Wisconsin Trialogue sent out A Proposal for Reunion. Their letter included the proposal, Town Hall Meeting information, and Frequently Asked Questions. Please be sure to read the proposal and join us in prayer:

It is Your voice that calls each of us
To play our part in the story of Your Church in Wisconsin,
For You have made us for Your purpose of revealing love
In a challenging time and in a divided world.
As our three dioceses move forward to become one,
Continuing to seek your will for us,
Enlighten our hearts to know what things we ought to do.
Enlighten our minds to know what things we need to leave behind.
Enlighten our spirits to embrace a future none but You know.
Give us peace, give us courage, give us hope.
And give us perseverance to make the steps necessary to
Continue to follow Your lead. Amen.

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