Welcome Back Deacon Sheila!

Dear St. Paul’s,

From 2013 to 2021 St. Paul’s was blessed by the ministry of The Rev. Sheila Scott. Dcn. Sheila provided St. Paul’s with much needed care in times between priests, was a fierce advocate of many outreach efforts, especially Interchange Food Pantry, and exemplified the ministry of a Deacon, which is to help the people of God connect their spiritual lives with the needs of the world. 

It is my great honor to welcome Deacon Sheila back to St. Paul’s as our deacon for the coming season (approximately one year). Many of you know that Sheila moved back to her hometown in Romania at the end of 2022 only to find that a number of hurdles remained to allow her permanent residency. While she works through that process we are fortunate to have her back serving with us at St. Paul’s. She has already been welcomed back with open arms by several members who generously assisted with the furnishing of her apartment.  

Dcn. Sheila will begin serving again at St. Paul’s on Sunday, June 25th. To begin, her ministry will include the liturgical functions of a deacon as well as providing individual prayers in the baptistry during communion, preaching every other month, and volunteering in the Thrift Shop.  

With joy,


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