Word to the Wise

Mystery solved

People sometimes ask other people to ask me why I use so much clipart on our website. The answer may surprise you! It turns out that I don’t have very many photos of the things […]

Word to the Wise

Prayer List Guidelines

Dear Friends, During Deacon Sheila’s time at St. Paul’s, she maintained the parish prayer list, which is published weekly in the bulletin insert. Sheila’s departure requires that we switch to a new system, and while […]

focused man reading newspaper on street

Got news to share?

It’s easy to get your news and information published to the parish. Here’s how to do it: The primary news vehicle now is the website, which in turn provides the content for weekly email updates […]

Word to the Wise

Pledge Online!

Haven’t made your 2022 pledge yet? Now you can pledge online with ease! It’s safe, simple, and supports the mission and ministry of St. Paul’s! While you’re at it, why not automate the payment of […]