Notes From Common Ground June 7, 2022

Tuesday May 31st, we had a significant action related to our Reckless Driving campaign. We held a press conference at City Hall with Mayor Johnson and announced our campaign to ask 3 major insurance companies to fund universal driver education for all Milwaukee high school students. Cathy and David Simpson, Jim Gramentine and Pat Ruttum attended.

Why this campaign? Only 30% of Milwaukee eighteen-year-olds have a driver’s license compared to 66% of eighteen-year-olds statewide.  Further, only 30% of African American and Hispanic 18-year-olds hold a driver’s license compared to 75% of white 18-year-olds. We know this won’t solve the reckless driving problem but it’s a start.

Common Ground is asking the three major car insurance companies in Milwaukee County for money to help in this campaign. The event ended with CG Brenda McMurtry and the Mayor signing letters to the CEOs of State Farm, American Family and Progressive asking for a meeting to discuss their participation.

We received much coverage. Here are a few places:

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