Forward Scholars Update

FORWARD SCHOLARS was a huge success this last school year!  Students participating in tutoring grew an average of 3.3 levels in reading versus an expected 2 levels for a year of instruction.  

Due to this success, we are expanding for this next school year! We will need over 200 tutors in order to provide 1:1 support for K-3rd grade students at 6-9 schools in MPS.  We will return to many of the same schools, and will definitely be adding southside schools for this coming year.

If you, or someone you know, is ready to commit as a tutor, substitute tutor or provide help such as prepping materials or packing/unpacking boxes/materials, please sign up at:  2023-2024 Commitment Form.

HERE is a short program summary for your reference or to share. 

Contact Dr. Carrie Streiff-Stuessy, Executive Director, with questions at

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