Are You Confirmed?

Confirmation is an optional but useful rite of passages during which adults affirm the covenant that their godparents made on their behalf at baptism. It’s a way to take ownership and responsibility of your relation with Christ and the church. And at the core, it’s when our bishop invokes the presence and power of the Holy Spirit to empower us for ministry.

Are you confirmed? You don’t have to be — the old Prayer Book rule that you needed to be confirmed in order to receive Holy Communion is long gone. Should you be? That’s between you and God. But many people find it a helpful and healthy way to mark their attachment to this branch of the Body of Christ, and signal our intentions to live under the reign of Jesus. So it’s a great idea!

Under the canons of the Episcopal Church, however, you need to be confirmed before you’re eligible for serving on a Vestry, or pursuing ordination. And for that reason, we strongly encourage everyone who isn’t confirmed to take the plunge and receive the laying on of hands and the Holy Spirit from Bishop Lee. Our next scheduled visitation from Bishop Lee is Palm Sunday, April10, 2022, that that’s your next chance.

What do you have to do? Well, you need to let us know in advance, so we can complete some paperwork, and help prepare you for Confirmation. We’ll offer a series of gatherings after the new year and ahead of the bishop’s visitation to help prepare you spiritually and intellectually for Confirmation, though they’re not required. All that’s required is a discerning heart and a desire to serve and follow Jesus.

Already confirmed outside of the Episcopal Church? Depending on where and how, The Episcopal Church may already recognize your Confirmation. In that case, we’d be pleased to have you participate in the service of Reception, in which the bishop acknowledges and recognizes your existing Confirmation and welcomes you into the Episcopal Church.

Already confirmed, but want a booster? Those wanting to renew their baptismal vows and re-affirm their commitment to Christ also an participate, and have their confirmation renewed at the same service with Reaffirmation.

Whether you’re being confirmed, received, or re-affirmed, the process and the service are the same except for the words the bishop prays when he lays hands on your head.

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