Important Parking Reminder

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Dear Friends,

As I’ve mentioned in Sunday announcements, in email news, and on our website, the parking lot at Lincoln Center of the Arts no longer is available to St. Paul’s. The school facilities, including the parking lot, are rented weekly by MIX Church to accommodate the parking requirements of their own members. Increased attendance at their own services means they need full use of their lot. In prior months, the volunteers and leadership at MIX have been more than generous to allow us to encourage our members to park in the Lincoln Center lot, and they’ve been patient as their congregation has grown. Now they send their own members in search of street parking on Sunday mornings while our members claim the spaces that MIX is paying for and needs.

As you know, St. Paul’s historically has been quick to tow cars from our limited lot when the shoe is on the other foot. By contrast, MIX has patiently turned the other cheek out of respect and compassion for us. I’m grateful for their hospitality and kindness, and call on all of us to return their Christ-like generosity. If you’re young and able-bodied, please find street parking for yourself, even if you see that there are available spots in our lot. But either way, parking at the school is not an option.

St. Paul’s members once walked to church in great numbers, but demographics have changed. Since 1883, St. Paul’s never has addressed our lack of parking. MIX did not create that situation. Please join me in thanking MIX for their flexibility when they had excess capacity. And let’s rejoice in their ministry success that’s bringing large numbers of young Milwaukeeans to Jesus.

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