Endowments 101

St. Paul’s has been blessed over the years with various endowment funds. Most parishioners know this, but perhaps not in enough detail. Hence, in 2022, I will be providing an ongoing “St Paul’s Endowments 101”. The purpose of this endeavor is to dive a little deeper into the objectives and differences of the various funds. At minimum I’m hoping this will create more awareness and perhaps even get a few of us to hop aboard and support a particular cause.

To kick things off, for timing sake, I would like to begin with “St. Paul’s Outreach Endowment fund”. This fund just celebrated its 20yr anniversary as it was started in 2001 with an initial gift of $3,000.  This fund’s objective is to provide annual financial support to various charitable organizations that serve our community. Examples would be; “Repairers of the Breach”, “Sojourner Family Peace Center”, and “Common Ground”.  In 2021 this fund provided $12,765 to the Outreach Committee which eventually flows through to many in need.  This fund currently distributes 4% of it’s market value annually. There are many ways to support this fund.  St Paul’s Birthday Club and our Thanksgiving Memorial are two great examples of how to contribute.

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