Bearing with Adversity

Acts 2:2 tells us “Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.” Sadly, it will not be so for us just yet. Our giant rooftop exhaust fan began making a very loud metal-on-metal screaming sound late last fall. We shut it down, and our Buildings and Grounds chair, Paul Haubrich, contacted a vendor to look into it. The vendor told us that the bearings in the motor were shot, and that it couldn’t be repaired until relatively warm weather returned.

When that happened came a few weeks ago, Paul contacted the vendor, who came and corrected the problem. For a while. But it has returned.

Paul reports that the vendor came out early Friday morning, June 3, and examined the motor again. The technician determined that they’ll need to rebuild the motor, replacing the bearings. That effort will begin immediately, but won’t be finished in time for this Sunday’s Pentecost Day worship. Fortunately, cooler temperatures are forecasted for that day, so we should have a pleasant Sunday morning.

Gratitude and appreciation to Paul for his prompt, expert attention to this, and for all he does managing difficult projects at St. Paul’s.

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