Last Updated: June 5, 2022, 7:15 a.m. (weather update; all the rest is the same)

So here’s the scoop: No need to check in with the parade officials. It’s done. There actually are two registrations, and the second apparently wasn’t cancelled as requested. So we’re #54 and not #56, and gathering near the Dark Horse Tavern at 1517 S 2nd St. The parade route ends at 2nd and Oregon, so parking near that in recommended. See you soon!

Here is the latest info about the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee‘s participation in the 2022 Milwaukee Pride Parade, Sunday, June 5 (Pentecost Day) at 2 p.m. First, some recommendations:

  • Share this link with others in your congregation participating in the parade.
  • Dress according to the expected weather. As of this writing, The Weather Channel forecasts highs in the low 60s with a 15% chance of afternoon rain. Be warm, and bring an umbrella!
  • The “step off” (start) of the parade is at 2 p.m., and because ALL participants (not just group leaders) must check in at the staging area at 2nd Street between Lapham and Greenfield, we strongly recommend arriving at the staging area no later than 1:30 p.m. Volunteers will steer you to the location where we’re gathering in the parade line. NOTE: This may change! PLEASE check back here on Sunday morning to confirm that this still is accurate!
  • Clergy are encouraged to wear collars. If you have a “bird on a stick” Pentecost procession streamer or other festive Pentecost stuff, bring it!
  • All participants must read, understand, and abide by the parade rules below.

If you want to reach me on the day of the parade, I’m Lane Hensley at 760-851-4641.

Parade Rules

Parade Information

The Parade for 2022 will be taking place on Sunday, June 5-Line up for the Parade will commence at 12pm. Step off will be at 2pm SHARP. Any units not checked in by l:30pm will be placed at the back of the lineup.


The staging area is on 2nd Street between Lapham and Greenfield. Enter the staging area only from 2nd and Lapham. At this point you will be told where your unit will line up in the staging area. We will have people to direct you to your proper spot.

Parade Rules and Regulations

All organizations, groups, vehicles, and the like shall be considered “units.” All units will respect the rights of other units to take place in the Parade. Handouts or giveaways must be family friendly.

Standards of Conduct

Use your judgment when representing your group. The following regulations must be complied with.

1. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR DRUGS! Consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs during the lineup, or actual Parade is immediate grounds for expulsion from the event.

2. No animals without prior permission. Dogs and cats are exempted but must be on a leash.

3. No signs, banners, groups promoting or showing profanity, sex acts or obscene material.

4. All state and local ordinances regarding nudity will be strictly enforced. All costumes and other apparel worn in the parade must comply with the Obscenity Statutes of the State of Wisconsin and the public decency ordinances of the City of Milwaukee. No Jock Straps, G-strings, bras, or panties will be permitted to appear in the parade. No see through clothing will be permitted, for example: any person wearing chaps will be required to have jeans or other suitable attire under such chaps to prevent public viewing of parts of the anatomy which violates Wisconsin Obscenity Laws. All decisions as to the propriety of attire to be worn in the 2022 parade will be made by the parade officials.

5. It is the responsibility of the entrant to remove units that become disabled immediately. If you are unsure about your vehicle, plan ahead for towing needs. Any fees associated with towing/repair, or tickets issued by law enforcement agencies for abandoned vehicles, shall be the responsibility of the entrant. Milwaukee Pride Parade is not responsible for any damage to any unit before, during, or after the parade.

6. At no time shall any units endanger the safety of themselves, other units or spectators.

7. Units agree to follow the direction of the Milwaukee Pride Parade Officials, Milwaukee Pride Parade Security, and the Milwaukee Police Department.

8. Entrants are responsible for the set-up and clean up of their unit before and after the parade.

9. Milwaukee Pride Parade reserves the right to change and amend the rules and regulations governing the parade at any time without public notification.

10. Overhand throwing of objects IS NOT PERMITTED. Please underhand throw as not to injure any spectators.

11. Any parade unit in violation of the above rules and regulations will be ejected from the Parade.

12. All registered units must be in their designated line-up position starting at 12 pm and all ready to go by 1.45 PM on Sunday, June 5th; If you have a float and need more time to set up please contact us so we can make arrangements for an earlier time.

 Applications are subject to approval by the Milwaukee Pride Parade. Milwaukee Pride Parade reserves the right to reject any application it believes would be inappropriate given the nature of the event.


Note:   All vehicles in the parade must show proof of insurance before entering line-up area!   So don’t forget your insurance card!

We hope to make this a fun Parade and we are glad to be back after 2 years of no parades.

Thank You for wanting to be part of the parade because without you – we do not have a parade.

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