December Adult Forum Schedule Released

December 5: The Gospel of Luke

From the Nativity scene to the Good Samaritan to the Penitent Thief, the Gospel of Luke has heavily influenced our popular conceptions of Jesus’ life. Adding to its mystique is the fact that it has several parables and events not featured in the other Synoptic Gospels. This presentation will explore how the Gospel came about, as well as what lessons can be gleaned from it.

December 12: Popular Christmas Carols

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is listening to, and signing, carols. Many times, we hear them without considering the stories behind them. This presentation will look at the origins of several popular Christmas carols, as well as what they say about our faith.

December 19: The 12 Days of Christmas
Note: This session only will be on Zoom.

When most people think of Christmas, they think it is only a day. Still, Christmas is a season, which contains several important feast days. This presentation will look at the feast days within the Christmas season, as well as their spiritual significance

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