Baptism Removes the Sting of Death and Yellow Jackets

The Interim Rector baptized Henry George Pruitt and Penelope Chapman (“Poppy”) Read, grandchildren of Ross and Mary Read, Thursday, Aug. 11 at Nashotah House. Elder grandchild Charlie Read assisted by pouring the water into the baptismal font, and the Rev. Jason Terhune, Senior Director of Operations and Student Services at the seminary, officiated Holy Eucharist. Godparents, family, and friends gathered for lunch at the Reads’ home on Lake Oconomowoc.

Poppy was visibly anxious about having water poured over her head, but after accepting an invitation to touch the water and finding it suitable, the not only enjoyed the baptism, but took the family’s baptismal shell and continued baptizing herself as the prayers continued. After the service, Poppy found a ground nest of yellow jackets the hard way, was stung at least four times, and was taken to an urgent care clinic for treatment. Henry slept soundly the entire time.

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