A Note from Historiographer Randy Miller

The Oral History Project was started by the Historical Commission in 2020 under the appointment of Bishop Miller and continued by the Historiographer.  The purpose of the project is to bring attention to the history and identity of the diocese by letting members tell their stories and share their reflections.  The prayer is that many will find edification in the stories.  But there is also a hope that the project will inspire an interest in the proper recording, ordering, and preservation of our history—something terribly needed at the individual parish level and also more broadly.  Maybe the project and website will help us start thinking in that direction.

To learn more about the Oral History Project and how you can participate, please click on this link to view the PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G3x1llZGcCp4illjrOaZduvzBZPHN5pL/view?usp=sharing

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