Volunteers Needed for Lessons & Carols Reception

As I mentioned on Sunday, the date of Lessons & Carols is not yet firm, because I’m aware that St. Paul’s traditionally hosts a reception following the event, and that the reception is a parish and community favorite. If the reception is to follow Lessons & Carols this year, the date will be Sunday evening, December 18. In order to determine whether we are able to host the reception, it’s imperative that we confirm now the availability of volunteers to execute the event, and in fact need more volunteers this year than in years past because we no longer have the significant efforts of the Dedics, who left their positions at St. Paul’s during the COVID-19 closure period.

We can only offer the reception if we have a sufficient number of volunteers, so we’re asking you to volunteer now. To do that, please contact our office administrator, Cindy Wilmeth, at (414) 214-0668 or at cindy@stpaulsmilwaukee.org, and let her know which area(s) you’re volunteering to cover. Event organizer Carol Deptolla has provided the description of the numbers and types of volunteers needed:

  • SET-UP (In the Great Hall. Please arrive an hour before Lessons and Carols begins.) [4 needed]
  • CLEANUP (If possible, please plan to stay up to an hour afterward, but even 20 minutes would help.) [6 needed]
  • KITCHEN HELP (Assembling and garnishing platters, taking platters to the tables or placing in refrigerators.) [8 needed, including two people who would leave Lessons & Carols 15 minutes early to set cold items on the tables before the reception begins, including drinks.]
  • BEVERAGE ATTENDANTS (Pouring wine and punch during the reception. We need two at minimum, but four would allow everyone to work just half the reception.) [4 needed]
  • SILVER POLISHING PARTY (Socially distanced) The St. Paul’s silver platters could use a glow-up before the big event. Date to be determined, but likely a Saturday morning or afternoon in November. Please note if you have a date/time preference. [5 needed]


We’ll have a sign-up sheet later for specific dishes, but please signal your intent to bring a savory finger food, Christmas cookies, wine or zero-proof punch ingredients. 

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