New Internet and Phone Service Installed

Fiber internet service has arrived at St. Paul’s, thanks to Spectrum Enterprise and Trawicki Electric. Almost the entire occupied space within the church now has WiFi access, and we now are in the process of interconnecting to the Renaissance Child Development Center downstairs so we can share the ongoing cost of the service.

The new service doubles our prior download capacity (and in practice, it’s approximately 10 times the capacity), and increases our unload capacity by 100 times. That enables us to stream worship and adult formation offerings more effectively and reliably, and makes better use of existing online services we use in the office regularly. The new network soon will carry our fire alarm connection, and has the capacity to manage security cameras and an updated building entry system.

But most immediately, the new network lays the groundwork for a cloud-based replacement office telephone system, which is up and running, but still being configured. Setup of the new system likely will continue for another week, and callers to the parish currently are routed to the Interim Rector’s desk phone, as well as an app on his cell phone.

Feel free to sign onto the network the next time you’re at St. Paul’s. We’ll circulate the password in person during the upcoming Sundays.

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