Homemade Cookie Sale, Musical Walk, & Decoration Station

Christmastime is approaching and the most delicious and festive way to prepare for celebrations is to stock up on cookies for the season. St Paul’s Hospitality team is hosting a homemade bake sale with cookies of all varieties! Parishioners and members of the public are welcome to a sale and celebration Sunday, December 4th after service, coinciding with the regular coffee hour at 11 am. There will be a banquet of homemade cookies to select from, with each self-filled box being priced at $8.00, though free will donations are happily accepted to assist with future Parish Life events.

In addition, there will be celebratory events including a musical Cookie Walk open for all to participate in. Dance around a set of numbered squares with all the other hopefuls while the music plays, hurry up to stake a claim on a lucky spot when the song fades, and hope that your number gets called so you can walk away with a warm confection! If you have left your mambo shoes at home, we also plan to have a seated frosting and decoration station for all who wish to participate and appreciate with a relaxed craft instead. We hope there is value to be had by all who attend!

Very importantly, if you have the capacity to bake at any level, if you have had a plan to make bulk gingerbread snaps, if you have always wanted an excuse to try a wild recipe and let others take away the results of your concoction, if you are able to put flour, eggs, and sugar into a bowl and bake it, we are happily accepting cookie donations to fuel this fundraiser. Baked confections can be dropped off in St Paul’s kitchen the morning of December 4th before the 10 am service. All trays will be returned and there will be assistance with plating if tupperware is the easiest way to transport to church. The funds raised by the cookie sale will go towards future parish life events.

We thank you very much and wish to see everyone we can at this festive celebration!

For information please contact Kurt Bushman or Michael Nelson: mnelsoneng@gmail.com (630) 488-2019

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