May Adult Forum Schedule

May 1: Disability and its Implications for Personhood

For thousands of years, Western philosophy has defined the person as an entity which uses language to communicate. This has called into question the personhood of certain populations, such as the nonverbal Autistic community. This presentation will examine the different models of how disability has been viewed historically, as well as how we can create a new model of personhood which incorporates all disabled experiences. 

May 9: Women in the Bible, the Facts and the Misunderstandings 

Oftentimes, the role of women in the early Church is muddled in mystery. Certain verses in Paul argue for the inclusion of women in liturgical roles, while verses elsewhere demand women be subservient to men. By examining these verses, we can get a clearer view of how women’s roles changed in the early Church, as well as how to forge a way forward which allows all people to share their gifts regardless of gender identity.

May 15: Rector’s Forum

Note: This will not be recorded in order to encourage people to express their opinions more freely

May 22: Search Committee Forum

Please join the search committee as we open a forum to discuss what we are looking for in a new pastor.

Note: this will be the third of the Search Committee Forums. The first will occur after the 10:00 AM service on Sunday, May 15, and the second will occur via Zoom on May 19.

May 29: Memorial Day 

No Adult Forum!

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