Fiber Optic Internet is Coming to St. Paul’s

Workers completed the arduous task of installing an underground fiber optic cable that ultimately will carry all our internet traffic and our telephone service. The fiber service replaces two DSL lines that fail constantly, resulting in glacially slow and unreliable internet service at the church. Live streaming of worship services and adult formation events is accomplished currently by using 5G cellular service. That works, but it’s expensive and unreliable. Later this summer, almost the entire building will have strong, high speed, reliable service. Computers in the upstairs offices will have direct gigabit connections. And we anticipate that we will merge our network with that of the Renaissance Child Development Center currently housed in the lower level of the church, reducing the cost to the parish, and improving service for both organizations.

Installing this new network infrastructure is complex and time consuming. Now that the fiber cable itself is in place, our new internet service provider, Spectrum Business, will be testing the cable itself and connecting it to our network hub on the lower level of the building. That’s currently scheduled for Monday, June 27. On Friday, June 24, Sound & Communication Manager Dan Fugina of Trawicki Electric will begin the difficult task of wiring the building to extend service throughout. In a building that’s 137 years old and has a lot of masonry, that’s a big project. You can read the details of the project plan here.

If all goes well, we’ll be able to go live on the new network by mid-July.

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