St. Paul’s Episcopal Church will make its facilities available to Church Groups, Guests, and Members. The facilities may be used by groups and individuals as outlined in this policy. Use of church facilities by outside groups on a regular basis must receive the approval of the parish’s governing body, the Vestry. The Church and its facilities are sacred space. We expect that it will be treated with respect at all times.

Any use of church facilities by outside groups must be consonant with the doctrine, discipline, and worship of the Episcopal Church, and consistent with federal, state, and local law. The church facilities will not be used for any purpose unbecoming of a house of worship, or for any activity that disrespects the dignity of any human being.

Getting Started

Use of the church building and facilities (the “Church”) shall be scheduled with the Rector (senior pastor). This policy will outline who may use the church, rules for use of the church, and fees and deposits for such use. Background information and references beyond that described in this document may be requested. The following guidelines apply:

Who may use the church, in order of priority

  • St. Paul’s Church groups or church members using the facilities as part of the ministry of the church (“Church Groups”) including Vestry, Christian Education classes, St. Paul’s committees and fellowship groups, and the larger Episcopal Church.
  • Service, social, charitable, civic, educational and other non-profit groups (“Guests”).
  • St. Paul’s Church members (“Members”) for personal use.

Who may not use the church

  • Partisan political groups
  • For-profit groups

Guests planning performing arts events should contact the Parish Musician to schedule Church use. Church Groups, Members, and other Guests wishing to use the Church for an event or series of events (“Event”) should contact the Office Administrator. Worship events, including weddings, funerals, confirmations and baptisms are not subject to this policy. Contact the Rector to schedule worship events at St. Paul’s.

St. Paul’s will assist you in completing a Facilities Use Application, and will continue as your primary contact through the event. Once your application is approved, a deposit will be required. Liability insurance shall be carried by Guests and Members.

Payment of remaining fees (Total Fees less non-refundable deposit) is due no later than one week prior to the Event. The Guest or Member will be invoiced for staff costs no later than one week after the event.

A current copy of all Facilities Use Policies and Documents is available at

Guidelines and Rules

Church Representatives

If more than 40 people are expected at an Event, one or more Church Representatives will be appointed by the Church, and must be present at all times during the Event. Fees will apply. The Church Representatives’ role is to ensure the proper functioning of the facility, the safety of the occupants, and the security of the facility. They will unlock doors as needed; turn on lights and sound system as needed; address electrical, plumbing, and HVAC issues; represent the Church to law enforcement officers or emergency response teams as needed; and enforce the terms of this document.

The Church, including the Facilities Representative(s), is unable to assist Visiting Organizations as ushers, greeters, hosts, lighting or sound operators, door monitors, emergency medical support beyond calling 911, room setup or take-down, dishwashing, or clean-up. All these functions are the responsibility of the Visiting Organization.

Setup and Cleanup

Guests and Members are responsible for setup and cleanup of the Event. All trash and recyclables must be removed from the building at the end of the Event. Trash and recyclables may be disposed of in the appropriate bins located in the church parking lot if there is room in the bins. Otherwise, Guests and Members must remove the trash to another legal dumping location.

Alcohol Policy

Alcoholic beverages may not be served at or brought to the property.

External Doors

Exterior doors and other locked doors may not be unlocked except by the Parish Representative. For security reasons, unlocked exterior doors must be directly monitored at all times by a Guest or Member: Church Representatives may not be deployed to monitor unlocked doors because they must be available to respond to emergencies and maintenance issues.

Hold Harmless

St. Paul’s is not responsible for any injury to individuals attending any Event, nor for damage to or loss of personal property belonging to Church Groups, Guests, Members, or any other individual attending the Event. The Guest or Member responsible for the Event shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless St. Paul’s for any such injury, damage or loss.


Church Groups, Guests and Members must ensure there is responsible adult supervision at all times when facilities are in use. If Guests or Members require professional security at an Event, they are responsible for providing the Security at their own expense.

Use of Furniture and Equipment

Church Groups, Guests and Members using the facility may use available tables, chairs, and lec­terns, as their set-up requires. Groups are responsible for their own linens.

Groups may also bring in their own items. Any furniture or equipment must be removed imme­diately at the end of the event. Any other arrangements must be indicated on the Building Use Application and have the approval of the Rector.

St. Paul’s Property

No furniture, equipment, or other property belonging to the St. Paul’s may be loaned or removed from the building except for official St. Paul’s functions. Furniture may not be moved between rooms without permission.

The Church understands that Members and Guests may need to make minor alternations to the arrangement of the worship space at a rehearsal, and that the revisions likely will apply to the event itself. However, the altar, communion rail, kneelers, and candles may not be moved, and nothing may be placed on the altar at any time without explicit approval by the Rector. If the arrangement furniture in any part of the Church is altered by the Member or Guest, the space must be restored to its prior setup by the Member or Guest. Because other groups including the Church itself use the building regularly, such alternations may not be left in place between rehearsals or performances without specific approval of the Rector.

Music stands, additional chairs, microphones, and other equipment may be requested, and will be provided if they are available. Additional fees may be imposed.

Use of Church Musical Instruments

Church musical instruments, including the Church Organ and/or Steinway piano may be used only if noted in the Member or Guest’s Application, approved by the Church, and included in the final Building Use Agreement. Because the Church’s instruments are expensive and easily damaged, the Parish Musician will require evidence from the Member or Guest of the competence of the Member or Guest’s musician(s). Reprogramming organ presets or use of the organ console’s digital recording feature is not allowed unless explicitly authorized in writing by the Parish Musician.

If the Member or Guest determines that tuning is required for the church organ or Steinway piano, the Parish Musician will select and supervise a Tuner, whose services will be paid by the Member or Guest. Use of the Steinway piano almost always involves moving it, which usually necessitates tuning. The Church cannot guarantee the availability of a qualified Tuner on short notice.

Other Matters

Food and drink is prohibited in the Church Sanctuary except performers may have water as needed.

Tobacco use is prohibited anywhere in the Church buildings.

Tape, glue, pins, and other items which may cause damage may not be used on the walls, ceilings, or furniture.

Kitchen Use

The Kitchen is available to Guests to serve food prepared elsewhere. For an additional fee, the Kitchen may be used by Guests for preparation of food. Guests are responsible for bringing linens, utensils, glasses, dishes, serving trays, and anything else necessary for the use of the Kitchen. The Kitchen is also available to Church Groups and Members who may use the linens, utensils, glasses, dishes, serving trays, and anything else belonging to St. Paul’s. All such linens, utensils, glasses, dishes, etc. must be cleaned and returned to the appropriate storage before leaving after the Event.

As with any other building use, the kitchen must be cleaned at the end of the use, including wip­ing down all appliances and surfaces used and removal of any utensils, dishes, serving trays, and trash immediately after the event. Permission must be obtained for any additional days of prepara­tion or storage of food or for delayed cleanup. As with general building use, cleanup and damage fees will apply to Kitchen use.

The Rector or the Rector’s designee must inspect the kitchen following use for cleanliness and damage and for the release of funds to be returned.


1. Spaces available for use include:

  • Church Sanctuary
  • Great Hall
  • Community Room (Parlor)
  • Kitchen

2. St. Paul’s does not seek to make money from the use of its facilities but merely to defray

the cost of building operation and maintenance for additional use. An addition to the

non-refundable deposit of $50 paid at the time the space is reserved, the following fees are due no more than one week in advance of the event:

  • $500 for the use of the Sanctuary for events with ticket sales.
  • $150 for use of the Sanctuary for any free concert or other event without ticket sales.
  • $85 for use of the Sanctuary for rehearsal.
  • $100 for use of the Great Hall.
  • $50 for use of the Community Room.
  • $50 for the use of the Kitchen for food preparation on day of event. No charge to serve food prepared elsewhere.
  • $10 per hour minimum charge for additional use prior to the event. Additional fees may be charged for extra storage of food or other contingencies.
  • $22 per hour for Church Representative (required for events of 40 people or more).
  • $45 permit for use of Lincoln School of the Arts parking lot. We will secure the permit.
  • $50 non-refundable deposit on any fees.

3. If additional cleanup or damages occur, St. Paul’s will invoice the Guest or Member for

these costs and reserves the right to take any action necessary for reimbursement of any such costs.

4. All ongoing use of facilities will be reviewed annually in September of each year.

The following services are NOT provided by the Church, and are not included in any use of the facility by outside parties unless explicitly granted in writing by the Rector:

PARKING: The Visiting Organization may use the Church’s parking lot on the north side of the church, which is accessible from Marshall Street. The lot has 26 spaces, including three handicap spaces in the southeast corner of the lot, and one space in the northeast corner of the lot that is reserved for a residential tenant. Street parking may or may not be available, and the Church is not responsible for its availability. St. Paul’s may allow other groups to schedule events at or around the same time as another Event but only to the extent the two events will not conflict with each other. The Church leases space to a preschool that makes substantial use of the parking lot Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and has priority over the Visiting Organization during those hours.

The Lincoln Center of the Arts across Marshall Street from the Church has an 82-space parking lot. The school is independent of the Church, and the Church has no arrangement or special relationship with Milwaukee Public Schools. As of October 2022, use of that lot requires permission from Milwaukee Recreation (414-773-9982), a department of Milwaukee Public Schools, and must be reserved by the Visiting Organization. The Church will not make inquiry or reservations on behalf of the Visiting Organization. To reserve the parking lot, visit Milwaukee Recreation: School Facility Permits, and complete and submit the Building Permit Application Form on the MPS website. The Church recommends that the Visiting Organization secure its permit as early as possible, and the Church is not able to make alternate parking arrangements for outside groups if the school parking lot is not available.

SMOKING is not allowed inside the building.

CHURCH OCCUPANCY LIMIT: No more than 450 people may occupy the worship space of the Church.


  • Fees: amounts, due dates, consequences of bouncing or non-payment
  • Presence of sexton (always)
  • No rooting through classrooms or offices
  • Rooms needed: Church & narthex, Great Hall, Library, Community Room, Kitchen, Choir Room, Upstairs Restrooms, Downstairs Restrooms
  • No moving of altar, candles, or furniture except as documented in this agreement.
  • Can’t leave things out
  • COVID protocols may apply
  • Selling tickets or other stuff
  • Need access/use, and/or manager for sound system, lights, organ programming
  • Food service in great hall and elsewhere (we don’t provide it)
  • Moving furniture (sextons? Put it back)
  • Times of use and last minute use
  • Lead time required
  • Acceptable uses
    • Non profit only, entrance fee allowed
    • No content or activity contrary to the doctrine, discipline, and policies of the Episcopal Church, Diocese of Milwaukee, or St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
    • Church not used for outside religious celebrations (special cases require pre-approval by the Rector)
  • Restoring space to original condition including furniture placement, cleanup, items moved
  • Use of building during school hours
  • Have to pay sexton whenever using the building outside of office hours, M-Th, 9-4
  • No smoking, open flames, signs attached with Scotch tape
  • Insurance Required
  • Public WiFi info
  • Use of building restricted to explicitly designated spaces (no basement, no upstairs)
  • Sextons represent parish ONLY. Not setup, cleanup, door monitoring, serving dinner, etc.
  • No propping exterior doors or leaving open front doors unattended
  • STAFF: Turn off radiator heat prior to event, and turn it back on after.


  • Sanctuary (per use, including rehearsals, for # of 4-hour blocks) (500/concert, 85/rehearsal)
  • Community Room ?
  • Great Hall (100)
  • Library/Parlor (50)
  • Kitchen ?
  • Church Representative  $22/hr
  • Parking Lot Fee ?
  • Damage Deposit (refundable) $50
  • Other