Endowments 101 (Installment 3)

Welcome to the continuation of “Endowments 101”. Who needs Netflix when you can tune in to “Endowment 101”  brought to you courtesy of St. Paul’s digital Apostille?

The next endowment fund I would like to highlight is the “Stained Glass Window Endowment Fund”.  When the Tiffany window(largest on record) in the morning Chapel was repaired after the 1950 fire the lower section was not restored to the original design. In 2005 money was raised, and the lower section of the window was restored to it’s original design.  At that time, extra funds from this project established the “Stained Glass Window Endowment Fund”.  Over the years the fund has appreciated and members and friends have contributed additional gifts. These additional gifts have created two additional stained glass endowment funds for a total of three.  The second fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Campbell Jr., long time members of St Paul’s’.  This fund provides specifically for the ongoing maintenance of the “Christ leaving the Praetorium” window which ironically started it all. Last but certainly not least, in 2014, a substantial gift was received from the Richard Seaman family and their family foundation for the purpose of preserving and restoring all St Paul’s stained glass windows. This generosity of members has well provided for the beautiful windows such that the finance committee currently recommends new contributions be directed to the Building Maintenance and Restoration Fund.

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